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January 2019
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Create Your At-Home Space to Practice Self-Care

Self-care encompasses different things for each of us. It involves setting time for yourself and creating routines to help re-energize and relax. Having a self-care routine can help keep you in good health and thriving in both your professional and personal life. Remember to find things that you like to do, and that will keep you motivated to continue your routine. Try implementing the following tips on designing your own space to get you relaxing in no time.

Create Ambiance
Set yourself up for success by creating a relaxing space in your home. Dedicate a full room or a small area where you can unwind after a long day. Use muted and natural wall colors and furniture to boost mental clarity, and bring balance and tranquility. Keep the décor and furniture simple, so you are not distracted by loud or obnoxious colors or patterns.

Limit Screen Time
Limiting screen time is another great way to help both the body and mind unwind, while also giving our eyes a break. Harsh blue light from laptops, smartphones, and televisions can keep the mind alert and lead to unhealthy sleeping patterns or more serious ailments, like heart disease.

Create a Self-Care Routine
Studies have shown that routine exercise can decrease levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Invest in collapsible and easy-to-store equipment, like free weights or exercise bikes, to make sure your space doesn’t feel cluttered. If you prefer a less rigorous workout, try a yoga practice that fits your skill level; you can find many free online options. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, yoga can help to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and even mental clarity.

Create a Nighttime Routine
Creating a nighttime routine can help to improve sleep and leave you feeling more energized for the workday ahead. It can be as simple as taking a relaxing bath with exfoliating soaps and essential oils, going for a nightly walk, or turning off your phone at a particular time to have some screen-free time before bed.
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