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National Nutrition Month: Meal Prep Tips and Tricks

Setting aside a day to prep your meals for the week can be an excellent way to save time and money. You can alleviate overspending at the grocery store by going with a list made from your plan, and you will be less inclined to spend money on eating out. Meal prepping tends to be healthier and can help to create habits that will last a lifetime. Consider these tips when beginning your meal prep journey: 

1. Make a menu
With so many places to acquire recipes these days, it can be overwhelming, but make sure to stick with resources that adhere to your specific diet. Resources can include cookbooks (of course), Kindle Unlimited Library, websites like Pinterest,, and, and a simple Google search. Then determine which meals you to need to make ahead of time. Do you want to prepare all of your meals or just lunches and snacks?

2. Keep it Simple
Sheet pan dinners are ideal for batch cooking multiple meals at one time. Using your Slow Cooker or Instant Pot is also a great way to make large batches of carbs or vegetables. Determine one or two types of protein you want during the week and cook them in large quantities that you can divide between different recipes.

3. Get BPA-free containers
Amazon offers many different container options. We recommend using BPA-free, reusable containers. It’s better to use glass or stainless steel, rather than plastic. Plastic containers may say BPA-free, but BPAs can still be released into your food when heated up in the microwave. If glass or stainless steel containers are not in your budget, BPA-free plastic containers can be okay, as long as you don’t microwave your food in them. You can also get creative with your container choices. Mason jars are cheap and make great salad containers.

4. Make it a Habit
Set aside the same time every week to do your meal prep. Adjust it as necessary so that you know you can dedicate your time to the process. When prepping for the week, the maximum that is recommended for advance prep is five days’ worth of food. Keep up to three days in the refrigerator and freeze the rest of the meals!

Start simple, and you will be amazed at how much impact even a little bit of meal prep can have!

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